What is a brand?

A brand can be defined, in a broad sense, as the set of attributes, tangible and intangible, that identifies a product, service, corporation, or even a person, and makes it unique in the market.

The brand is a distinctive sign, whose main function is to differentiate the products and/or services of a company and make them unique compared to other competitors. The brand is, so to speak, what gives identity and meaning to a specific product or service.

Although the main function of the brand is precisely to identify companies, create their own stamp through which to differentiate themselves from other companies, brands perform other functions, such as:

  • They indicate the origin of the product, that is, what company offers it.
  • It serves as an advertising element. The brand concept is not only identified with the name itself, but with everything that transmits at the level of value, corporate identity and brand philosophy, which is the basis for good publicity of a brand.
  • Inform about the product.
  • Synthesize prestige and good work of the company.

The brand, therefore, not only serves to identify a company. The brand has a value by itself, represents an image or an idea in the mind of the consumer. For example, buying a car from the Ferrari brand is equivalent to a specific status, a type of life and social class. The Ferrari brand is equivalent to luxury, high class, and great social status.

Types of brands

The brand does not only mean the name with which the customers identify the company. Here we detail the different types of brands or examples of brands:

  • Word marks. An example of a brand consisting of the combination of letters and numbers.
  • Graphic marks. This type of marks are those that have graphic symbols, logos, drawings, etc.
  • Mixed or figurative marks. They are those marks that combine the two previous marks, that is, they consist of the combination of letters and/or numbers, as well as graphic symbols.
  • Three-dimensional marks. Brands that have the graphic elements arranged in three dimensions.
  • Sound marks. This type of marks refers to those consisting of a succession of sounds that may be different, also product jingles.

If you have a business project in mind, one of the first challenges you must face is the creation of a powerful brand, through which your customers, suppliers, and collaborators identify you quickly.

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