Designing Websites for Two Decades

Our work has been used by American Idol, Showtime, HBO, Hilton Hotels, and other national and international brands over the last 20 years.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are single-purpose pages, unlike your website’s homepage. A landing page has the goal of funneling your clients from an advertisement or social media to a single page that urges people to take action (i.e. buy a product or signup for a newsletter).


An informational website is designed to deliver information about your company to web users. They consist of a homepage, about us, our team, portfolios, and other information web users want to know about a company before making the digital-first contact with you.


Ecommerce websites provide an opportunity for your business to sell products worldwide from your website. If you are looking to sell products (or services) online, our team can help develop the perfect online shopping experience with a digital-first approach to business.


A blog is a frequently updated online journal or diary that expresses yourself or your business to the world. Blogs are great tools for SEO and also allow readers to subscribe and earn repeat visitors and trust in your company. Blogs are essential to any business using a digital-first approach to marketing.

We have worked on projects for HBO, American Idol, Ticket Force, Operation Smile, Hilton Hotels, Talent Fusion, Western Carolina University... (and soon YOURS!)

Our Web Design Process

A well-designed website that is user-friendly with your target audience in mind every step of the way.


The first step to creating the perfect website for your company is to understand your company and goals. Our team will start with a phone consultation that we call our discovery phase. During this call, we will speak to your about your needs, where your current strategies are falling short, your goals for the future, and find out things about your industry that we might now know that will help us better communicate with your clients through design and user experiences.


After we have our discovery call, it’s time for our team to create a strategy based on what we have learned in the consultation phase. Each strategy is unique for your business depending on your goals, target audience, and what we will include in your project (website, mobile apps, social media).


With a strategy in hand, our team will begin creating the architecture, starting with evaluating your current website and platforms and looking at where we can approve upon your current strategy, and bring together our design team to establish a user-friendly experience in your new project.


After the website or app architecture is approved, designers will create mockups that are blueprints of a website (or app) proposal.

After these mockups are designed, our designers will add colors, logos, and other branding/design elements to create an image design of your project.


After the designs are approved, we will begin the development process. Designers will create the frontend of your project (what the client sees) while the backend developers will create the content management system where the website and functions will be managed by us, or your own website manager.


Once the project is complete, and before it is published to a live environment, our team will spend hours going through the website, testing forms and functions, to ensure the site is ready for a live environment and your users won’t encounter errors.


Once the design has been approved and our team has tested the website, it’s time to launch your new digital-first platform. But our work won’t stop there! All our projects include 12-months of maintenance and monitoring your project, so we are here for you.