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Imagine for a moment that someone recommends a business to you, you enter and it is simply a mess, there are blackouts, the products are badly placed or far away, or they have not cleaned it in months … evidently, it would generate distrust in you and you would end up going somewhere else. And you would go to another with because there are 30 similar stores on the same street. Now imagine the importance of having everything on your site, careful, orderly, updated and well done and presented.

Web maintenance, to give you an idea, could be described as the “marketing in the digital point of sale” and involves the periodic control of all files, structures, and security of your website. Ensuring everything works correctly, being updated and following usability principles, so that users browse comfortably and are likely to return.

It is useless to have an online store with an outdated development, if over time the data is outdated, no aspect of the web is improved or the behavior of users is analyzed, nor is anything done to improve the user experience in the web, or new products/services or functionalities that can get more conversions, the links with errors etc. are not fixed. It would be like leaving the online store to your fate.

Web maintenance, therefore, is not less important than the creation, design, and development of the website, but it is an equally vital aspect that you have to work and control properly for your website to be successful.

What is done during a web maintenance service?

  • Guarantee website security, eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Making adjustments to the server to optimize load times
  • Analysis and revision of functionalities and in general all the operation of the website
  • Add, delete or replace files and update your extensions and web coding
  • Optimization of page load speed by code analysis
  • Optimize and repair databases
  • Update PHP and SQL

Along with Web Maintenance, which is performed monthly, this is a good time to ask us to make any content edits to your website. Development and insertion of new pages on the website, Updating catalogs of products/services, images, contents, texts, Analysis and repair of broken links, errors, Creation of a sitemap (very important for SEO ), Programming of forms, subscriptions, Modification of prices of products/services, and other web edits. (additional costs)

What are the advantages of hiring a web maintenance service?

Carrying out the above tasks properly is quite complicated if you do not have certain knowledge and experience, so hiring our professional team will provide you with these four advantages:

Advantage # 1: saving time, time is money

Saving time, time is money:

All the time it takes to perform web maintenance activities is time that you can devote to researching the market, to create and implement marketing strategies, sales, and in general to devote to aspects of your business in which you can make improvements while you leave this type of activities to the developers who will carry them out faster and better. The work processes in your business will be more fluid and you can delegate all the web maintenance tasks to our specialists to be able to use your time in what you think is right, in addition, you can be sure that we will do his job more effectively and efficiently.

Saving money, better prevent than cure:

Many times we tend to think that an immediate cost even if it were high does not imply a future saving, and it is a big mistake. In the field of web maintenance, in particular, cheap is expensive. A simple security error that you do not know how to solve can cause the entry of a malware or any type of malicious software. Something that could lead to the restructuring of an entire website and therefore a much higher cost. Due to unexpected technical problems, a form submission button or even the shopping cart may also not work, and that translates to money you are not earning.

The internet updates, whether you are ready for it or not. Most sites run on PHP and use SQL databases, these open source platforms are being updated several times a year. Without web maintenance, you risk losing your website do to compatibility issues with PHP and SQL updates.  Trust us, it’s very expensive to fix these issues and while your site isn’t working, your business is losing money. A double whammy in the cost of not having your website maintained professionally.

Advantage # 2: saving money, better prevent than cure

Advantage # 3: have professional specialists

Have professional specialists:

It is tedious to have to be looking at Google and comparing articles, asking people in forums etc about web maintenance problems, and more with the vast amount of information circulating through the web of professional and non-professional people.

The fact of being able to have a specialist in web maintenance will solve any type of problem in a short time and will give you a peace of mind. It happens frequently, not only that you need to talk to a specialist for a problem that has arisen, but to also resolve any type of doubt or suggestion you have about your website. “-Hey, if we changed this, what would it take? Would it be very complicated? Is it simple or do you need many changes?”

All this can be solved quickly with a good developer, and without you having to be reading 20 tutorials and learning web development, and even then many times you will not know how to solve problems that a specialist, thanks to their experience, will do with ease. Therefore, zero stress. For these issues, your web maintenance specialist is prepared and waiting for your questions.

Update and introduction of improvements:

Always having your website updated, with news, new content, products or new services … is something that causes users to come back and know that you are getting new things, positively affects SEO positioning and will make your website much more susceptible to receive traffic.

In addition to this, if you analyze your website and what happens inside it, any change you want to make of the type that affects functionality or design of the page will be much more comfortable if you entrust it to your maintenance specialist. – “Hey, I’ve noticed that users click a lot here, or I don’t like this page, etc.” All changes to be made, a good specialist usually can carry them out in a short time and effectively, without errors. It often happens that you find yourself saying “I have touched something I do not know what it is and the page has stopped functioning” or “this has stopped working, why?”, cases like this are when people tend to wish they had the support of a specialist.

Advantage # 4: update and introduction of improvements

How much does the maintenance of my website cost?

Before talking about numbers you should know that the maintenance price of a web page is strictly linked to 4 factors:

1)  If you use content management platforms or not. Websites using a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Magento … usually are quicker to maintain, meaning less cost.

2) How elaborate and complex your website is. If you have databases, complex sections that take you to new pages … all this adds value to the budget and carries some difficulty that is assumed in the price.

3) The need that the web has, and that you have as a company, that is, if you require changes very frequently, if you have to add new pages, modify or update a lot of information.

4) The experience of the specialist. Obviously, a web maintenance specialist who has been doing his work for 10 years will always cost more than one who carries 2. All of our web specialists have a minimum of 10-years experience, so we can face more difficult problems and work faster than someone with less experience.

Website Coding maintenance plan costs $250 yearly with these maintenance activities performed once a month:

  • Guarantee website security, eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Making adjustments to the server to optimize load times
  • Analysis and revision of functionalities and in general all the operation of the website
  • Add, delete or replace files and update your extensions and web coding
  • Optimization of page load speed by code analysis
  • Optimize and repair databases
  • Update PHP and SQL

Content Maintenance plans depend on the content that needs to be edited and is priced in addition to the web coding maintenance tasks listed above. Some examples of content maintenance:

  • Development and insertion of new pages on the website
  • Updating catalogs of products/services, images, contents, texts
  • Analysis and repair of broken links, errors
  • Creation of a sitemap (very important for SEO )
  • Programming of forms, subscriptions …
  • Modification of prices of products/services

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