Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Brand image: Popularity and brand image benefits greatly with customers as the company feels closer.

More visits: A well-targeted social media marketing tactic increases the visibility of the brand and the number of visits to your website.

High conversion rate: A brand that interacts with the user and manages to make them feel close and important, results in new business.

Scope: The use of social networks is increasingly popular, so this means, it’s an important way to impact a large number of people.

Diffusion: Marketing in social networks is one of the fastest and most economical ways to disseminate some types of information.

Data collection: Having a marketing plan on social networks is an excellent way to gather information about the target audience of the brand.

A strategy in search of “Engagement”

Currently, social networks are the main communication tool between the client and the brand. Any consumer has a loudspeaker to communicate with any major company and with much of the rest of their customers through the use of this medium.

In order to correctly manage this brand-client relationship, the companies implement a strategy whose main objective is to increase their level of “commercial engagement”.

The engagement could be defined as the power of attraction that the firm exercises over consumers, hence the importance of a good social strategy, developed in parallel to the main marketing actions developed by the company.

The different parts of a social media strategy

We find some actions that could be included within the “Customer Service” branch, whose development in the right way contributes significantly to achieving a general positive vision of the brand within society, in addition to keeping the customer satisfied.

Within this quest to achieve a positive social vision, we also find another type of processes, with a more publicity, focused on making a brand image. Creative posts that respond to the interests of a specific campaign would fall within this group.

But as is logical, it is very complicated to increase the level of engagement without satisfied customers. Hence, the existence of other types of actions such as special promotions developed exclusively through social networks dedicated to their customers, aimed at maintaining their post-purchase satisfaction.

And of course, we can not forget the main objective pursued by the company within a strategy of digital marketing, to sell. Social networks have become a strong selling instrument for many companies, even becoming the main way to sell for some of them.

Social networks as a sales tool

What began mainly as a tool dedicated to improving the brand image and attracting new clients has ended up becoming a direct sales instrument thanks to its development. Some companies have found in social networks the perfect framework to develop their promotional campaigns. Exclusive discounts for followers, promotions with gifts, raffles and contests … There are many chosen routes to encourage direct purchase by the “followers” of the company and its correct combination has ended up turning social networks into productive sales instruments for many companies.

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