Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Think about when you search for something on Google. What results do you usually click? Probably the first two, maybe the third. If a site has relevant content and optimized landing pages, the chances are that you click on the first result and don’t look any further. Users rarely click on the links outside the first three, and certainly not off the first page of search results. After the first page, that’s where the value of your business falls. The process of achieving those first few results is called search engine optimization (SEO for its acronym).

It is not as simple as choosing a word or phrase that best describes your business and optimizing these terms, we wish it were that simple.

Let’s return to your Google search for a moment. Whatever you are looking for, you looked for it based on what makes sense for you. Not everyone searches in the same way, which means that the best SEO solutions are related to both the search and your business. The key is to discover how your target audience uses search engines to find information related to your business on the internet.

We have over a decade experience in SEO

Why isn’t SEO an exact science? For beginners, Google changes its algorithm almost daily and does not match the varying weights of key ranking factors. This means that SEO involves gathering as much information as possible and making some informed and educated assumptions using other available sets of information.

It sounds pretty confusing, but you’re in luck, we are experts. Our SEO solutions include competitor analysis, keyword search, content auditing, and page optimization. This mix gives you a better chance at positioning search terms that are relevant to your business and that are also based on real searches for information that people who are searching for suggest.

In the early days of the Internet, online marketing was a push method; people were online and surfing the web to find the information advertisers wanted them to see. In today’s online environment, however, the consumer is more in control, using an extraction method to search and find the exact information that is relevant to them. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing act as catalysts to help consumers find the information they are looking for and companies have adopted search engine optimization (SEO) to secure their website, landing pages, etc., are listed in the search results. But most Internet users do not even go beyond the first page of results, so being on the list is not enough. You need to have the first places in the search results if you want to receive large volumes of traffic routed to your site from the search engines.


Search engine marketing offers a return on investment

¡Gotcha! Brands’ Digital Marketing Consultants are trained and certified in search engine optimization (SEO) and in the techniques to obtain results and return on your investment in online marketing expenses. We know how to take advantage of SEO techniques to gain effective, competitive rankings for your website – which leads to more targeted traffic.

Unlike pay-per-click, SEO will help your site be ranked in the search results instead of the paid links section. Pay-per-click is great to help you get some quick wins and early traffic to your site, but to keep winning in the race, you need strategic optimization, and a quality website and landing pages.

Our digital marketing consultants can help you analyze your business needs and guide you towards proper search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization and social media strategy (SMO) included. To help you move your business to the next level, we can provide you with a mix of SEM tools and techniques.

As search engines refine their algorithms and give more importance to certain techniques over others, Internet-savvy marketers, such as our team, remain at the forefront of trends to ensure their customers continue to have the first places.


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