James Wilson

¡GOTCHA!BRANDS has no business relationship with James Lawerence Wilson. Mr. Wilson has never worked for ¡GOTCHA! BRANDS, nor has he ever been a client. Any claim otherwise is false and a defamation campaign by James Wilson after his personal relationship ended with a partner at ¡GOTCHA!BRANDS. We wish James Wilson the best and we hope that he finds the strength to move forward in his life and finds the help he needs to deal with his mental illness. With complete empathy, get well soon!

A personal note to James Wilson:

James, I am sorry that you have spent the last decade stalking me and my business because I ended a personal relationship with you. However, the way you have conducted yourself over the last decade only shows that my decision to end the relationship was the right decision.

Me, my employees, my clients, nor my friends will engage with you. You can contact my friends and call them bitches, losers, fat cunts, and threaten their lives all you want. You can demand all the money you wish while telling people you won’t stop harassing them unless they pay you to leave them alone. These actions you have taken only show your mental instability and no one cares about you or the drama that surrounds your life. No one is paying you to stop harassing them, that isn’t the way things work in the real world, where we function. At best, people who you contact only chuckle at your insanity, they don’t feel threatened. I try at least to respect the idea that you suffer from mental illness, so I don’t laugh, I just hope soon you will find the help you need outside of a bottle of beer.

I do hope you find the help you need soon, I don’t wish anyone to suffer from mental illness the way you have this last decade, but you need to make the choice to seek the help you desperately need. Your actions over a decade have not been that of any sane person. Obsessing over me for a decade won’t cure your mental illness.

Me, my friends, family, and staff wish you the best in overcoming your mental illness and finally moving past the end of our relationship nearly a decade ago. It’s time to seek some self-help, and best of luck to you.

With complete empathy,
Christopher LaGrone