How to use Linkedin in Digital Marketing

Linkedin is more than a network to look for work, it is the Networking platform that will increase the power of your Digital Marketing strategy. Learn how to utilize your digital marketing strategy for your company and personal brand on Linkedin.

Don’t ignore your LinkedIn recommendations

Did you know that 86% of consumers are influenced by recommendations? There is nothing as powerful as word of mouth marketing, especially for a small business.

Encourage your employees to publish content regularly

Most companies forget to take advantage of their employees’ potential to produce great content. Your employees have the knowledge to provide excellent information, the experience to talk about functionality and not just technicalities, and hopefully loyal to the company.

There is more than your well-designed LinkedIn profile

Did you know that there are at least one billion searches on LinkedIn every year, and 89% of purchases start with a search engine?
This tells us that it is not only enough to have a well-designed profile, it’s also important to make sure that your personal profile, or company profile is suitable for searches and has good exposure.

  • Generate frequent content (3 times a week at least)
  • Write short articles, no more than 500 words
  • Share links from your blog or other blogs with professional themes
  • Post infographics
  • Upload short explanatory videos (no more than 4 mins)

Make use of LinkedIn Digital Marketing applications

Linkedin offers you the option of adding advanced applications to your profile or company profile to boost your business and personal brand, create brand awareness, obtain more potential customers, expand your network, etc.

It’s time to guide your brand and your services. LinkedIn has different pattern generation options and ads to increase your business base.

Benefit from the pulse of Linkedin

Small businesses cannot afford to spend too much time and money generating content and, therefore, they probably cannot publish frequently. In that case, one of LinkedIn’s marketing tips is to make every post count.

You can do it by researching and providing exactly what your target market needs. You can start by joining groups in which your target customers actively participate. Look for problems and challenges they face and address these problems directly; Offer your advice and solutions to them.

  • Generate constructive discussions in the posts
  • Participate in the thematic groups
  • Recommend posts frequently
  • Use the search system to find contacts with needs that you can supply with your experience
About the author

Freelance web design and branding professional, Christopher Chad LaGrone, has been working in digital marketing and web design since 2004 with a focus on online marketing, web design, and social media marketing. To date, he has helped over 1,000 clients develop and manage their corporate, product, and personal brands. He has had the privledge to produce design works used by American Idol, Hilton Hotels, Cesar Millan (aka, The Dog Whisperer), HBO and Showtime. Recently, Christopher launched ¡GOTCHA! Brands, a collaboration of the greatest minds in content management, digital branding, marketing, and design.

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