content marketing
Content is one of the most crucial parts of the online marketing strategy for companies. They work very well, connect with consumers and look positive. They are not spam, but an added element, something that has a value that goes beyond the simple corporate message. But brands and companies have to keep up to date with what...
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corporate culture
To understand the concept of corporate culture we must be very clear that a company communicates with any action and manifestation that it carries out. And although it seems a sentence very easy to understand, it is complex. Every company is perceived in one way or another according to how it is projected, that is, according to what...
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social media influencer
The word ‘Influencer’ has become overused, and misused, in recent years. Here I will explain the difference between an influencer and a social media user, who just happens to have a lot of followers. Being an influencer doesn’t take talent, we don’t need to look any further than the Kardashian klan as proof, although in...
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seo sem
To optimize the positioning of the website, it is necessary to be clear about what SEO and SEM are about since they are terms that will help you to conquer the first places of the main search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Web search technology is one of the most powerful tools on the...
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How to organize your web content
Did you know that every month more than 56 million posts are published only in WordPress? With so much information, it is logical to think that your posts need to differentiate themselves from others but … how? Through good content that’s easy to read. If you still do not know how to attract customers through...
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SEO strategies to improve your blog's search ranking in Google
A blog is a fundamental tool when establishing an SEO strategy for your website. For that reason, and for all your articles to rank well in search engines, it is essential to ensure proper SEO techniques. And it is not only important to improve the SEO of your blog in general, but also of all...
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brand leader
The brand is a fundamental aspect for the development and success of any business or product. And establishing your brand as a leader in your industry is critical to brand survival. Since the beginning of time, we can recognize figures that have left their historical mark through ideologies, thoughts, achievements, triumphs, and failures under their...
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get more youtube views
Do you want to produce YouTube content compatible with algorithms? Do you wonder how to attract viewers to your YouTube channel and get them to subscribe? 1: Commit to posting on YouTube several times a week Recent reports have shown that YouTube channels that publish more than once a week perform better and get more...
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