Los Angeles - Mexico City

Our multi-cultural and bi-lingual team is made up of over 50 creatives, strategists, analysts and digital-first oriented staff and freelancers.
Owner: Christopher Chad LaGrone (aka Ian)

Holy Smokes have we grown!

It’s been nearly two-decades since Christopher Chad LaGrone (Ian) started a small web design and online real estate virtual tour company in Asheville, NC, known as 360Asheville. Since then, he has seen a lot of personal and professional growth that has lead him to ¡GOTCHA! Brands.

Christopher launched 360 Asheville Web Design and Virtual Tours in June 2005 serving Asheville, NC with web design services and creating online virtual tours for local real estate agents, hotels, and B&Bs.

After relocating to Mexico, Christopher changed his freelance design company to Digital Vallarta to represent his new home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he offered Puerto Vallarta web design services for five years before expanding nationally and internationally.

Christopher managed numerous websites dedicated to his freelance design business, choosing website names for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, but until 2014, Christopher was always a freelance web designer.

In 2014, Christopher expanded his business to more than just a freelance web design company and formed ¡GOTCHA! Brands with the collaboration of creative digital artists around the world.

Today, ¡GOTCHA! Brands is a multi-cultural and bi-lingual digital company with a team made up of over 50 creatives, strategists, analysts, and digital-first-oriented staff and freelancers based in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Over the past two decades, Christopher has had the privilege to have his digital works used by HBO, Showtime, Hilton Hotels, American Idol, the Mexico Tourism Secretary, and numerous local, national, and international musicians and actors, and other personalities.

Christopher also runs one of the most popular English-language news sites in Mexico using the pseudonym ‘Ian Hayden Parker’ in a country that ranks number one for the murder of journalists worldwide.